party wall surveying

In the event that you or your neighbours wish to carry out building works The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides for a formal process between parties that facilitate these works and protects both parties equally.


It is a legal requirement for building owners to advise the owners of adjoining properties, in writing, by quoting the appropriate parts of the Act if they propose to carry out works covered by this legislation.


The process is designed to minimise any potential for disagreement or conflict in relation to your works and ensures that your neighbours cannot unreasonably prevent you carrying out these works.


Our experienced Party Wall Surveyors will ensure that you have an agreement that gives both you and your neighbours peace of mind throughout your building project, whether you are the person carrying out the works or a neighbour who has received a party wall notice.


We also offer a Condition Survey and Report Service, where the condition of the neighbouring properties can be determined prior to commencement of works. This is an enhancement of the Party Wall process and serves to reduce potential conflict with your neighbours during the project.

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